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Looking to rent a van but only heading in a single direction? One way van hire can sometimes be difficult to find, however with our unique comparison engine things have got alot easier. Usually it is very difficult to find a van rental company that has a depot both in the pickup point and the destination. Using our mapping engine, we have made stumbling block alot easier. You may need to rent the van for moving small or large items or taking passengers from one destination to another. So, how do you go about finding a van for rent in your desired location? We will show you how in this short tutorial.

How to Hire a Van One Way

Step 1. Enter your pickup and drop off location into our booking engine search box and click on "Search".
Step 2. In the results screen a large map will be displayed in the top of the screen showing the various pickup locations available from your search parameters.
Step 3. Pick your desired pickup location from the map by clicking on the van rental company. Note: You will see the car rental company logo on the bubble (eg. Avis, Hertz, Budget, Thrifty, Europcar etc.). Make note of this company so that you can match up the drop off location within the next step.
Step 4. Once you have selected the pickup office, you will be asked to select the destination for dropping off the van. The map will show you the available depots within the area you selected in Step 1. Click on the points available and see if any of them match the agent you selected in Step 3. If you find the matched agent click on the pin and the vans available for rent will be displayed.
Step 5. Choose the van or minibus rental to suit your requirements. If you need to, you can sort the results by price or vehicle group.


If you chose to hire a van from London to Birmingham, and you chose Avis as the van hire company in Step 3, within the map of Birmingham you would need to find the Avis depot. If you cannot see the Avis Depot, you will need to either zoom out on the map to find the location of it, or go back to Step 3 and change your van hire company to another one - eg. Budget, Hertz, Thrifty or Europcar for example.

Thank god, we are trying to make hiring a van easier!

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